Only antidote to the dark days to come? Putting an end to the Brexit bullshit.

If the warnings about the devastation of Brexit were written in luminous yellow and pasted across the gates of Downing Street, you can guarantee Theresa May, would still be oblivious to them.

Day after day, week after week, spokespeople from different industries are speaking out to the reality, that Brexit is a disease ridden flea, infecting everything plump with prosperity, which is in this case our wonderful country.

Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, joins the assembly, urging May to heed the warnings, but it seems to me, May is driven by her own agenda, pursing Brexit to satisfy her own vanity.

As Prime Minister, Theresa must finally decide to put the country first and back out of Brexit before it’s too late.

In the wake of the June 2016 Brexit vote, inflation rates were cut to 0.25 per cent, a historic low in our country, coupled with the UK’s GDP taking a knock of 2 per cent with each household totting costs of £900 in the form of lower real wages.

Brexit is making our people poorer, and just like a flu can strike the rich and poor, the plague of Brexit will not discriminate between social demographics. It will devastate the whole of Britain. And with a cabinet deranged with Brexit fever, our economy is at real risk of paralysis unless Theresa does the right thing and saves our country.

I can’t however claim to have confidence that the hot and cold sweats of Brexit will subside, especially at the hands of a Prime Minister who believes ‘No deal is better than a bad deal.’ No one with an ounce of knowledge of Business would be able to make that claim with a straight face.

Our country is sinking into a post-apocalypse dystopia — and the only antidote to these dark days would be by putting an end to this Brexit bullshit.🔷

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