What is the difference between Brexit and a payday loan?

The answer, it would seem, if you ask a Brexiteer at least, is that unlike loans of last resort, which you will inevitably wish you’d never taken out, Brexit does not come with a cooling off period, no matter how strong the buyer’s remorse.

Once the shiny suited salesman on your doorstep talked you into putting your cross in the Leave box there was to be no turning back. No matter how financially disastrous, to you or the country, the action you were talked into might become, you must live with it.

There is not even any concept of mis-selling involved; you can be promised prosperity and free world-class health care in exchange for your vote, and nobody will ever have to keep that promise. There will be no public inquiry, nobody will do time or pay a fine, and there will be no compensation.

Bernie Madoff💬, the former non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market, is currently serving 150 years in a US federal prison, for his massive ($64.8 billion) fraud. So please excuse me for struggling with just how those driving a potentially bigger fraud in Brexit, can still publicly be vying to become Prime Minister?

It seems to me that there’s an element of ‘Big Lie’ theory (if you’re going to lie, tell a big one and stick to it no matter how ridiculous you appear) about the Brexiteers, as the legs they’re standing on are now being chopped away, on a daily basis.

The good news is that when the Brexit bullshitters tell you that there is no way back, this is just another lie to support the already ridiculous crap they’ve been selling since at least 2016. Interestingly, as the lies stack up, one on top of the other, Brexit looks more like a Ponzi scheme💬 than a payday loan.

Truth is the wheels, such as they were, are falling off; the emperor is naked, and people are beginning to see things they were never supposed to. Me, I prefer J.S. Mill’s ‘the truth will [eventually come] out’ over the ‘Big Lie’ philosophy, cooked up by some discredited Austrian dictator!

Oh, and ask any Ponzi provider what truth does to their fortunes!

Yesterday, YouGov said that if there was another referendum now that the decision to leave would be reversed. That is the will of the UK people, and that is their considered view after they have had a cooling off period, realised the lies they were told, and seen enough of the truth in their post-Brexit futures, to decide that staying as members of the EU is in their best interests.🔷

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