Does anyone else get the impression that the idiot festival that Theresa May is fraudulently passing off as a government is covering up a huge and terrifying truth?

Yesterday morning it dawned on me that we, not business, are all fucked. The very fact that a usually considered fool, such as Boris Johnson, would resort to such tactics as directly slagging off the hand that feeds him tells me a lot, and it is not good news.

The Government has been backed into a corner by a referendum that played on voters’ dissatisfaction with their lots in the aftermath for the banking collapse of a decade ago. However, day by day the focus becomes clearer on what actually happened; it wasn’t the xenophobes, racists and nationalists who were pulling the strings, but more likely the Russians, aided and abetted by raw political ambition, with a dollop of greed on the side.

We are now in a very bad place. The damage being done to our country, socially and economically, on a daily basis is huge. But thanks to all the conflicting interests, and the way they conspire together in a huge toxic cocktail, there seems to be no clear way clear of the contaminated zone.

We have no leadership, and it suits all the conflicting camps, currently fighting like ferrets in a sack to keep it that way. And all the while Rome is burning down around our ears, only is it isn’t ancient Rome, it’s modern Britain, and it’s being destroyed.

We need leadership, but what we have is so weak that, as John Pienaar, the BBC’s Deputy Political Editor, described the situation on the Today Programme: “This is not strong and stable; it’s like a pub in a rough neighbourhood at closing time!”

And it’s this chaotic political orgy of shit throwing and infighting that is not only masking the Government’s complete failure to get to grips with any of the major Brexit issues that must be sorted out to avoid the most disastrous cliff edge decent in history.

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If I was making a US-style state of the nation speech it would include our complete lack of friends. The Europeans we are in direct conflict with, the Americans are run by a demented despot intent on isolationism and trade wars, the Chinese as always are for the Chinese, the Russians under Putin hate us and are currently waging cyber, psychological and covert operations against our interests at home and across the world.

The manufacturing that remained after the cull of the 1970s and 1980s, and was reformed and reborn under foreign ownership in the 1990s, primarily due to our business friendly laws, our language, and free and easy access to the huge European market, is leaving.

The financial services industry, that for so long has made London its international home, is doing what it does best, hedging. The City is strategically moving assets to Europe to avoid any adverse consequences of a less than helpful passporting outcome, some of which will not return, irrespective of any deal.

Whatever way you look at the state of the United Kingdom under Theresa May in 2018, we are fucked, and going down fast, primarily because we are too blinded by the melee of the day to day shit-storm that this lack of leadership is creating and allowing.

If anyone can save us from the hell we are careering towards that person must be a ‘cleanskin’ candidate, free from any Remain-Leave tribalism. A leader who can quell the political in-fighting long enough for the smoke to clear, so we can recognise the self-harm we are committing, and return to acting in the true interests of the UK.🔷

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(This piece was originally published in the Pimlico Plumbers blog.)

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