Theresa May plays the security card, demanding special treatment while dodging membership!

Bizarrely desperate Theresa May has resorted to trying to gain the upper hand in negotiations with the EU by citing security cooperation as something that will hurt them should the UK cease to share information.

The EU sideโ€™s reply is, rather predictably, that you canโ€™t cherry pick, and while this is regrettable, itโ€™s just something theyโ€™ll have to live with.

When will our PM realise that when youโ€™re not a member of a private members club you cannot steam in and demand the best table and service? Itโ€™s just not how things work, and the sooner she realises this the better.

Except I think she never will, and itโ€™s probably too late for anything else except to abandon Brexit before it destroys the UK completely.

Clearly the PM is looking to trade off something she thinks the Europeans want badly for something they have been, thus far, reluctant to concede in other areas. But perhaps they are looking further down the road and thinking that in a few years, the way weโ€™re going, our international influence and reach will be so diminished that in the future we wonโ€™t be the security gathering asset we currently are.

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Isolationism is a terrible and debilitating policy, and the smaller you are the greater and faster its impact can be on you. Itโ€™s also ironic that back when we were arguing our case with the Brexiteers, before the referendum, security was one of the reasons why we argued that leaving the EU would be so bad.

Like many things that werenโ€™t broken that Brexit was supposed to fix, our security sharing arrangements with Europe worked very well until now, and the only threat to them is, you guessed it, Brexit!!!

Thereโ€™s no telling some people I guess!!๐Ÿ”ท

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(This piece was originally published on the Pimlico Plumbers blog.)

(Cover: Flickr/Number 10 - PM Theresa May attended the European Council meeting in Brussels. Here with Belgium PM Charles Michel. - 28 June 2018.)