Tessa Milligan on why Labour should oppose Brexit now and not be complicit with the Tory government’s hard right-wing mass-deregulatory Brexit.

Labour Party policy is not decided by national referendum, god damn it!

It is meant to reflect the Party membership, an overwhelming majority of whom reject hard Brexit and back a People’s Vote! This is so frustrating.

Have we not realised as a Party, by now, that we are not going to get into government before a deal is reached? And that our continued complicity in Parliament makes us the midwife of a hard right-wing mass-deregulatory Brexit, AKA everything Labour should stand against?

It’s so pointless to say “Oh well, here’s what WE would do if WE were in government and had control of Brexit!”, when the reality is that we are the opposition right now and we should conduct ourselves as such!!!

And to say that we should pander to Leave voters who were “sending a message of poor quality employment, low investment and poverty” — yes, we absolutely should address their concerns. But they are concerns which will be magnified by Brexit.

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  • “Poor quality employment” — UK based international companies have made it clear that they will have to move to the EU if we leave the single market/customs union/EU regulatory agencies, taking their high skilled jobs with them;

  • “Low investment” — Brexit will put this country into so much crippling debt (it is thought by at least £80 billion) that proper investment in publicly funded services and projects will become incredibly difficult;

  • “Poverty” — The one I think is the ultimate reason to oppose Brexit. We already have a poverty crisis in Britain, a hard Brexit will throw another few million people to the wolves.

I cannot believe we have gotten to the point where people are begging Labour to oppose something which will harm the poor, the working class, public services, human rights, equality, etc.🔷

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(This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected.)

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