Once again we’re staring down the barrel of a Brexit inspired assault on our liberty and prosperity, and I don’t necessarily mean metaphorically.

Gun toting international criminals, and other undesirables, will have far less trouble sneaking into the UK after we leave the European Union, thanks to Theresa May’s stance on post-Brexit security arrangements.

While Brexit is set to impede much needed skilled workers like plumbers and GPs from entering the UK legitimately to aid the economy... killers, gangsters and terrorists will find getting in less difficult than it is today.

We did point out during the referendum campaign that security was going to be an issue if we left the EU, but of course, like everything else that is now happening, the Brexiteers scoffed at us. Desperate Theresa May is now trying to use this security sharing issue to leverage the EU side to give concessions in other areas of the negotiations, but they’re not budging.

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And the truth is that we could be the big losers here. Many of the arrests made by our police service rely on the criminal records and information provided by our European friends. Without this simple exchange of data our Police force may as well be blind to convicted Euro criminals, perhaps even wanted men and women with outstanding European arrest warrants.

A system which has been very successful and worked well is now being destroyed by a policy which was meant to improve the UK economically and socially...

Without this crucial data the UK will become a magnet for on the run European criminals who most likely will transfer their illegal operations across the English Channel.

This is yet another example of how Brexit is threatening to brake a system that didn’t need fixing. The people who are benefiting from Brexit, once again are not those who voted for it.🔷

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(This piece was originally published on the Pimlico Plumbers blog.)

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