So, the new man in the hot seat is Dominic Rabb. A nice bloke, but hard to see how he fits the job description of someone who has the PM’s back, while keeping the warring factions, inside and outside of the Tory party, from each other’s throats.

A staunch Brexiteer from the beginning, with no actual treachery induced blood on his hands, you’d say the PM can at least relax when her back is turned, but what I said earlier hasn’t changed. Brexit is dead because it is a flawed idea that will make people poorer, and that fact becomes more obvious by the day.

David Davis himself has admitted this morning that he had put up with a lot of compromise over the past 18 months, but that the PM’s Chequers plan was a step too far, and he had to go. The only difference I can see between David Davis and Dominic Rabb is that the latter is far less battered by the daily warfare of fighting for the impossible.

If your racing car is too slow, your football team not good enough, or your idea unsound or unworkable, like McLaren, like West Brom, like Marxism, you will not win!

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I had to laugh at David Davis’ parting words, given in an interview to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, when he said: “You hand over the job and tell him what the pitfalls are. That is what I will do.”

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For the record Mr Rabb might be less gun-shy than his predecessor, but I’d hope he knows the pitfalls by now.

Nothing really has changed though, and all we are seeing are the dying moments of a deeply flawed project, which can only be squared away by means of a People’s vote, and the sooner all those operating at the centre of the Brexit whirlwind realise this the better.

Nobody voted to be poorer!🔷

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