We have a government of total halfwits.

In an interview for The House magazine, Commons leader Andrea Leadsom — who campaigned for Leave in the 2016 EU referendum — explained that the Chequers white paper is the UK's final offer. She said, “It’s saying to the EU, ‘you better take this seriously’. In my view, it’s take this seriously or we are heading for no deal. The message to the EU has to be, ‘this is the final offer’. So, when you say, ‘is it flexible?’, it’s not in the sense that they’re going to wriggle away at it and we’re going to accept it. It is a very hard and fast offer to the EU that makes sense for them. But if they don’t accept it, we’re also ramping up our no deal preparations. That’s where we will be heading and they will have forced us to do that.”

Of course the EU27 are taking it seriously, despite it being composed primarily of ideas that have been previously ruled out due to being unworkable/incompatible with EU law/cherry-picking/against EU interests.

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A Commission's team has been analysing it since it was released. It was discussed by all 27 member states at the General Affairs Council today. Barnier dismantled it in his Press conference immediately afterwards.

But to suggest that a white paper that has already been significantly changed with the support of the government that issued it is a final offer in a negotiation on a future relationship likely to last years is utterly absurd.

And the implication that failure to accept this as a final offer and acquiesce in full to it means that there will be no withdrawal agreement is both dangerous and stupid. Or the act of someone whose objective is no deal.

Or a halfwit.🔷

P.S. or all of the above.

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