Steve Bullock on understanding the pain Britain is causing its closest friends in the name of Brexit.

Reading through the Commission’s Brexit Preparedness Communication📋, I’m mainly struck by what a massive, costly, time consuming stack of unnecessary work, hassle and uncertainty the UK is causing its closest neighbours, allies and trading partners.

And not just the Commission or member states’ governments, but companies and individual citizens as well.

And yet, beyond crass and at times spiteful comparisons of whether it will cost them more than it will cost the UK (it won’t), there has been virtually no appreciation of this from the UK Government or (with a few exceptions) reporting on Brexit.

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Having pointlessly inflicted this lose-lose situation on our friends and allies, many Brexiteers still have the temerity to blame them for the consequences of the UK and UK Government’s decisions.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the UK’s standing in Europe and the world has been possibly irreparably damaged by Brexit and its conduct. And it seems most Brexiteers can’t even attempt to understand why.

There really is no cake for anyone. Just salt and vinegar.🔷

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