How can British voters engage with the EU Commission, which drafts EU legislation? Is it as simple as writing to your local MP? Also how many Brits voted for EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker?

Chloe Westley, Campaign manager at the TaxPayers’ Alliance and former Vote Leave staffer, poses an excellent question here:

Here are my answers to Chloe Westley’s questions:

You can email, phone or write to the European Commission’s UK office:



020 7973 1992


Representation of the European Commission in the UK

Europe House

32 Smith Square

London SW1P 3EU

You can contact the relevant Directorate-General (or Department) through their websites. Here’s the page of the Directorate-General for Trade (which has some other info you may find useful as well).

You can get the phone number of the person or team that is responsible from the online directory.

You can tweet the @EU_Commission directly, or any of the Commissioners.

Click here!!

If you are then not happy, you can contact the UK Ministry in charge of the area you are concerned with. The Minister in charge sits in the Council and is responsible to the UK Parliament and/or contact one of your MEPs (also on Twitter). You have several due to the regional list system, so if you are not happy with their effort, you can contact another. Or contact all of them.

Finally, you can participate in the public consultation that happens during the drafting stage of every bit of legislation. They are all here, and you can subscribe to get notifications of new ones or updates.

As for Jean-Claude Juncker, he was indirectly elected through the Spitzenkandidaten processπŸ”’ because he was the nominee from the biggest party in the EU Parliament (remind you of any other system?).

It is really great to see someone so inquisitive and up for getting engaged. Hats off to you, Chloe Westley!πŸ”·

P.S. This link should help if you have any further questions on this.

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