Chad Parenteau on whether, after Trump, instead of career politicians, we could brace ourselves for an unprecedented deluge of career reality TV stars...

Most people can admit it: Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s new tell-all book is not going to bring down Donald Trump.

The book isn’t even going to tell us anything new.

The people against Trump already know about his instability and tendency to spout nonsense just from casual observation.

The people who love Trump already know about this about him as well. They just felt his instability could be used for their benefit when they voted for him.

If there was anything new to learn, why did Omarosa first do a return to “Big Brother” and waste more time when she could have helped inform the country?

Fewer people can admit this: Stormy Daniels is not going to bring down the presidency.

If anything, what brings Trump down is going to be this insane group of people finally turning on each other, which is finally starting to happen.

There is more precedent to rats backstabbing each other than this growing myth of our celebrity savior.

Stormy Daniels has enough of her own problems, her own side gigs, to even bother with worrying whether or not abortion is made illegal in parts of the country.

The sad thing is some people are going to be outraged that I accuse her of only being interested in money, when the only reason they, or any of us, now hear about her at all is because she took the money.

If she hadn’t, we may not have Trump, but she’d be less famous.

Stormy Daniels is in this fight to do what Monica Lewinsky wasn’t really prepared to do, which is profit off a growing presidential scandal.

Whoever thought Lewinsky’s prank appearance on The Tom Green Show could now be seen as a high road act?

It’s even harder to admit this: Late night TV won’t save America. In truth, it isn’t even helping us very much. We can’t give this a pass just because it makes us laugh sometimes.

“Saturday Night Live” and other shows are only airing so much anti-Trump material because it is popular and profitable to do so.

Granted, it is popular because Trump is so widely loathed, but that’s just happy circumstance.

If it wasn’t profitable, if Trump was more tolerable, it would not be run otherwise, and Dennis Miller would instead have a prime time show.

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Remember: Lorne Michaels, who oversees much of late night aside from “Saturday Night Live” once featured homophobic comic Sam Kinison.

Lorne Michaels did that because Kinison was popular.

Lorne Michaels has also overseen a show that was notorious for years for its ill treatment of female cast members.

Think about that the next time you see skits with its newer, better treated members carrying the #metoo banner.

Entertainment television acts as if it’s leading the attack, but it’s barely in the rear with the gear.

In our perpetual debate over whether entertainment is too liberal, too biased we forget that no matter what, it is successful in its main purpose: to keep the wheels turning, to keep the money coming in.

Trump, a person long connected to the celebrity world, is the media’s perfect champion and foil. For all the people against him, he will not be going away any time soon if the media machine has their way.

Trump sells newspapers, magazines, books, earns ratings, and continues to get too many eyes tuned in to an industry we probably would have been better off ignoring.

Perhaps if we had, if we had said no to the spectacle, then maybe Trump wouldn’t have been elected in the first place.

Instead, we are seeing not only America’s daily farce, a small cottage industry of post-politics reality TV stars.

We couldn’t even get rid of Sarah Palin. What chance do we have against people who actually made it to the White House on no other merit than having their face show up on TV (often while doing something awful)?

Omarosa is just the latest. How much longer before Sean Spicer is side by side with Melissa McCarthy in an “SNL” skit?

If George W. Bush can reemerge to the public as a jovial elder statesman, then even the whole complicit Trump family can make a comeback with another TV series.

Angry Americans who voted Trump in talked about their loathing career politicians.

Now, instead of career politicians, we can only brace ourselves for an unprecedented deluge of career reality TV stars, people who could arguably manipulate the political landscape for far, far longer than their political careers lasted.🔷

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