“Leave voters trusted their vote would count, their voices heard.” Let’s examine this justification for arguing that a Final Say For All on the Withdrawal Agreement would be a democratic ‘betrayal’.

Have Leave voters had:
a) their vote counted; and
b) their voice heard?

The marginal Leave vote has led to a total overturn of normal UK Politics, fundamentally challenged the constitution and led the entire machinery of Government to be almost entirely focussed on Brexit for more than 2 years.

Article 50 has been triggered, billions of pounds have been spent, Whitehall has been reorganised, and negotiations with the EU27 entered into.

The entirety of the UK’s foreign and trade policies have been refocussed to the detriment of every other concern, on Brexit and its consequences.

The UK Government has ignored every single concern of businesses, economists, lawyers, devolved governments, allies and international partners in its pursuit of Brexit.

The Government has also systematically ignored those who voted Remain, the EU27 citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU27 in favour of attempting to implement the wishes of Leave voters.

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So, has the Leave voters’ vote counted? Yes, it already has, with largely unfortunate consequences for Britain.

Have they been listened to? Well, yes, apart from:
- those that voted for a soft EEA-type Brexit;
- those that voted for a Brexit that would make them better off;
- those that voted for Brexit to make Britain stronger internally and internationally;
- those that didn’t vote for Brexit at any cost, such as No Deal;
- those that voted as a protest against austerity;
- those that voted Leave in the hope of more money and political attention for their depressed nation, region or town.

So, who does that leave? The small proportion of people who voted to leave the European Union at any cost, including their neighbours’ friends and families’ jobs.

They have been listened to.

a) the votes of Leave voters have already counted; but
b) only a small section of Leave voters, and a tiny minority of the electorate have had their voices heard.


Not listening, then gaslighting about ‘betrayal’, rather than asking if this is what people wanted, or what they still want, is not democracy.

Ruining people’s lives for political reasons is the betrayal here.

That’s all aside from the fact that the argument that it is undemocratic for a democracy to change its democratic will is utterly ludicrous, of course.🔷

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