Today’s Senate Judiciary hearing on allegations of sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was a milestone in the continuing disintegration of our institutions.

You probably watched the testimony, so you have your own view of who is telling the truth. This is a classic “He said, she said.”

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford said she is “100 percent” certain the assault on her was by Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh testified that he’s “100 percent” certain he has never committed such an offense in his life.

She was clearly terrified giving her testimony. He was just as clearly angry and emotional, tearing up or choking up through his testimony.

Which was real?

My guess is both were real. Neither could act that well. The question is, what motivated those emotions. Dr. Ford was stepping onto a stage she did not seek, testifying literally in front of the nation. Judge Kavanaugh has held that stage before, but never as an accused sexual offender whose personal life and career were on the line and had already suffered major hits.

You choose who you believe. Unfortunately, if you’re a senator you must choose who to believe because the Senate is going to vote on this nomination.

When Dr. Ford’s testimony ended, I thought there was no way Sen. Lisa Murkowski or Sen. Susan Collins could vote in Kavanaugh’s favor, so convincing was she. But then Kavanaugh came on, his angry up front and personal. And his partisan attacks began.

Personally, I believe her. From the first mention of her name, I could not understand what she had to gain from going public. She isn’t going to get a book deal, her own radio show or whatever out of this. In fact, she and her family have become targets of insults and threats and she was escorted around by a large security guard.

Kavanaugh has a life-time appointment at stake. His emotions clearly were real. He was choked up and tearing up in a manner you can’t fake. His anger and partisan attacks though were just as real. He was on the attack from minute one. Was it true outrage over the process? Was it the anger of an entitled man expecting his entitlement to sit on the Supreme Court?

This was not a criminal trial. It was, as was said, more of a job interview. I think he failed that interview. Even if he is innocent of the charge being leveled against him, the temperament he demonstrated was not the demeanor I expect of a Supreme Court justice. I get the anger. But the partisan nature of his attacks were not appropriate for a Court nominee.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect him to take it lying down but he brought a “left wing conspiracy” into play, something that no doubt appeals to President Trump who had thought Kavanaugh was being too wimpy in his response to the charge. He was clearly on the attack. Is that his true nature? Was it a performance for the President who thought he was too wimpy up to today?

Well, he wasn’t wimpy during the hearing. He also was not Supreme Court material.🔷


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