Barry Greene, from East London, voted Leave two years ago. He explains why he has now changed his mind and calls for a People’s Vote to stop Brexit.

As someone who voted Leave in the 2016 Referendum I did so in the presumption that my decision would be in the best interests of the country.

I am now a staunch Remainer and have been so for a while. My change of heart came about through the realisation that Brexit would cause great damage to the welfare of the country on so many levels, including where business is concerned — the lifeblood of any nation.

And also the fact that we would be perceived by other countries as being unwelcoming to those who wish to visit and to those wishing to set up home and work here — the very people who have helped enrich our country tremendously.

Uncertainties over the Irish border have also played a large part in my decision to change my mind — peace on the island of Ireland is far too important an issue to be put at risk.

In addition, there is the fact that the Leave campaign has been found to have been fraudulently funded, a fact which alone should have deemed the result of the 2016 referendum void.

Furthermore, Brexit seems to have been greatly influenced by outside sources, by the likes of Russia, Steve Bannon and other far-right agencies — this goes against the grain of our British way of life and needs to be opposed at every level.

I feel the country is being held to ransom by a tiny minority of far-right extremists who wish to impose their ideology on this great nation while at the same time protecting their personal assets by placing them in safe havens abroad — they know in their heart of hearts just how damaging a Brexit would be for their own interests, too.

In the face of all this, the Government seems totally incapable of sorting out this mess together with the fact that too many of them seem only to have their own self-interests at heart with the welfare of the nation coming way down on their list of priorities — if indeed it is on their list at all!

To make matters even worse we have an opposition which is totally powerless to carry out their job, which is to oppose!

To help remedy this situation I call for a People’s Vote as it has now been proved to me that it is only the people, by way of democratic process, who are able to sort this out.

For those who suggest that calling for a People’s Vote would be going against democracy and the “will of the people” I would say that if enough of the people wish to have another vote due to their change of mind then that is democracy in action — the “will” has changed!

A second vote would always be democratic, such is the nature of democracy. Democracy itself is at stake here and it is our most valuable asset, an asset which must be preserved for the sake of our nation’s wellbeing and its future!🔷


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