The ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ sign has gone... and has been replaced by an equally important call to join the People’s Vote March on Saturday!

On Monday, I took the decision to temporarily replace our giant ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ sign with an equally important and large message – to urge all those concerned about the shattering impacts of Brexit, to get to Park Lane at midday on Saturday and March For The Future!

The fact is that the shockwaves of Brexit will negatively impact all of our futures for decades to come. I’m talking about your future, my future and the futures of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

There’s no two ways about it, Brexit once enacted isn’t a policy that can be easily reversed, cancelled or kicked into the long grass, and never spoken of again. And unfortunately there will be no turning back, for decades at the very least.

This is why need as many people, from all over the country, to join together and march for all our futures, on Saturday, before it is too late.

On Monday, Alastair Campbell and I unveiled a call to action, which is Pimlico Plumbers’ new anti-Brexit banner.

Say #BollocksToBrexit by Marching for the Future.🔷

Wonderful to see a famous family business like Stannah take a stand against Brexit!


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(This piece was originally published on Pimlico Plumbers’ blog.)

(Cover: Pimlico Plumbers | Charlie Mullins and Alastair Campbell.)