After last week’s very successful People’s Vote march, the campaigning continues.

How did feel after the march in London last Saturday?

As an EU citizen who attended the march, I came back to Bristol with a sense of togetherness, which contrasts sharply with the usual feeling of being different, or rather not British, in the eye of the other.

It was like how it used to feel, a sort of paradise lost, and it felt good. :)

I also thought of those who could not be with us, asking for a vote when we were denied one in 2016 and I hope you can make it in two weeks’ time.

Will you join me to replicate this feeling, when we organise a human chain going from Parliament Square to Number 10, on Monday 5 November, at 10.00am?

Together with British in Europe and UNISON, we will hand-deliver a letter to the Prime Minister, asking her to stop playing politics with the lives of #TheFiveMillion EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in Europe.

We will then gather for a rally on Parliament Square, joined by our friends at In Limbo for a celebration of our life, before going to Parliament for the third and final lobby for citizens’ rights.

You will be able to meet your MP (please register here to get instructions) in pre-booked rooms in Parliament. Those without an appointment will be invited to an event, with MP across the political spectrum speaking in a large committee room.

I know many are unable to attend on a weekday, so we are also organising an e-lobby at the same time, so you can add your voice and make yourself heard as well. Please register here for the e-lobby.🔷


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