Former Chair of the Vote Leave Campaign Committee Gisela Stuart — who quit as an MP in 2017 rather than try and make Brexit work — said that she believes there were no Leave voters on the People’s Vote march a couple of weeks ago. Let’s examine that.

This is Gisela Stuart:


And this is what she said:


So, Gisela Stuart, maybe you do not believe that former Leave voter Will Dry (co-founder of Our Future, Our Choice!) was at the People’s Vote march. In fact, he now works full time fighting Brexit with OFOC and was one of the thousands of young people leading the march. Here he explains why:

You will probably not believe either this little collage of evidence of Leave voters (Dami, Charles, Hugh, Emma, Andrew, Carol...) all of whom are #RemainerNow and were at the People’s Vote march on 20 October 2018:

Maybe Dami talking before the People’s Vote march was also just a figment of my imagination? He does seem to be real though:


What about Andrew and Hugh, seen here talking at the start of the People’s Vote march? Are they real? They voted Leave like you and are pretty annoyed with the reality of Brexit, which is nothing like what they voted for.


Or this clip from Italian TV? It includes an interview with someone who voted Leave but has changed his mind and is a #RemainerNow. He wants a #PeoplesVote on facts.

Do you believe he was there? It seems pretty conclusive that he was indeed.


How about you look at this picture? This looks like a guy who describes himself as a ‘Reformed Brexiteer’ who wants a chance to vote again and he very much appears to be on the People’s Vote march. Do you believe it? He too is a #RemainerNow in light of the Brexit reality!


Here is also a picture of Leave voter Ayo Adesina at the People’s Vote march when he bumped into Femi Oluwole. (If you want to know Ayo Adesina’s views on Brexit, do watch his videos). Does this make you retract your comments, Gisela?


You may also want to see this tweet from Julian. As he says he voted Leave but he changed his mind a long time ago when he saw that Brexit was mis-sold. He was at the People’s Vote march with five family members.


What do you say to Michael who voted Leave but had a great day at the People’s Vote march, where he found a welcoming community. Does this finally cause you to retract your comment?

Do you still believe that everyone who was at the People’s Vote march voted Remain?

Alternatively, you may want to read this article from soldier Richard in The Independent and watch the video too. As you will see, Richard voted Leave but changed his mind as he considers that Brexit is not worth the risk. He was also at the People’s Vote march. Do you believe him?


If you like, Gisela, you could educate yourself by reading this piece by Sean O’Grady, the Deputy Managing Editor at The Independent. He was a liberal Leaver back in 2016, but he now sees that Brexit will make Britain poorer and, as he explains in his article, he was also at the People’s Vote march.


Wait, there is more...

Look, here is #RemainerNow David, speaking at the #FinalSayForAll beehive, after the People’s Vote march. Telling his personal story of his change of mind. Did this not happen?

It certainly does not fit your narrative. Right?


I also know that #RemainerNow Steppy, PartPeculiar and Simranjeet were also at the People’s Vote march and I am sure there were countless other regretful Leavers not mentioned above.

So, please, stop spouting rubbish on the media & own your *****!!🔷

In your own words...


ps. Gisela, #RemainerNow Michael, who I mentioned in the piece above, suggested I show you this...


By the way, Gisela, here are some more #RemainerNow who told us they too attended the People’s Vote march:


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(This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article, with the author’s conscent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected.)

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