Steve’s story is the one of a man from Cornwall who, against all odds, overcame adversity time and time again thanks to the NHS. Steve explains how he feels about the lies that led him to vote Leave two years ago and why he now wants a People’s Vote.

I was born in 1961. I was a breech birth, my poor old mother was 48 hours in labour with me, and she had a hard time of it. I was a difficult birth. Eventually, I was delivered by forceps. I was not expected to survive, but emergency transfusions and the hard work of the NHS saved my life. I was three days old before my mother saw me for the first time.

On 19 January 1981, I had a serious motorcycle accident, spent some time in hospital and couldn’t see properly from my right eye for about six weeks. Yet again, the NHS saved my life.

19 years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Yep, you guessed it: the NHS keeps me alive today. So, when the Leave campaign sold its lie of £350 million boost for the NHS, who wouldn’t have voted for it?

The thing is ‘that’ NHS lie was a calculated lie. They knew it was never going to happen; they looked for something; they knew it would gain votes. It was something they knew people like me who love our NHS would not resist; they never intended to carry it through. It was nothing but a cynical scam.

Brexit was to be easy and great for the country. We were all to be better off, the NHS was going to boom, there was going to be no downside.

Again, this was nothing but a cynical lie.

The truth is that the Leave campaign STOLE my vote, they scammed me and many others out of something precious, something people died to gain the right to.

They stole our votes.

If Boris Johnson had called people up and scammed them out of their bank details, he would now be locked up. He scammed us out of our votes, and what happened to him? They made him Foreign Secretary. Then, he gets a high-paid job writing for a so-called “newspaper.” (Editor’s note: The Telegraph)

Now, here we are in 2018. The reality of Brexit is clear: we are all going to be worse off. We have a “food supply minister”, Michael Gove wants to open-up dumps so people can scavenge. Workers rights are for the chop, and food standards have to go to get food from the United States. It’s a step backwards 50 years.

That’s not what we were sold. It’s not what we voted for. The truth is that their “fantasy” Brexit was never achievable.

I say give us EVERYTHING you promised, or give us the chance to change our minds.

No one can know the “Will of the People” today in 2018, unless the people are asked again.

Democracy did not end in 2016. Or did it?🔷

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