the3million and British In Europe held a mass lobby at Parliament.
• 300 concerned EU citizens attended the event.
• Whilst international media covered the event, the UK Press totally ignored it.

What is wrong with the British media? On Monday, the3million held a mass lobby at Parliament with over 300 concerned EU citizens & British in Europe protesting together.

The event was covered globally, but nothing, nada, zilch in the main British media.

Twitter / @the3million
Twitter / @the3million

I spoke to TV and Press from Austria, Germany and Japan. There were TV crews from Portugal, France and Spain. But where was the coverage by UK media?

Twitter / @the3million

Here is the main German broadcaster DasErste covering our lobby at Parliament during the main evening news:

Equally, Austrian main broadcaster @ORF covered the lobby for our citizens’ rights in their evening news:

Alexandra Bulat / ORF
Axel Antoni / ORF
the3million and BritishInEurope / ORF

The second largest Dutch newspaper RDStad picked up on the protest:


And the news travelled even as far as Malaysia:

Free Malaysia Today

It was not that the story had no profile in the UK. The framing was perfect. The House of Commons spent 45 minutes grilling the Immigration Minister on exactly the topic our lobby was about: citizens’ rights in case of ‘no deal’ Brexit. Again the minister gave a shambolic performance.

Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes / House of Commons

I can understand that Sky News, BBC News, ITV News, Channel 4 News and Channel 5 have no interest in the EU citizens living in the UK. Who cares? But dozens of British in Europe flew in for the lobby yesterday. British citizens deeply affected, should it come to a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Shame on the uncaring British media who got shown up by their global counterparts.

Yesterday morning, there was more international coverage of #thelastmile lobby of EU citizens in the UK and British in Europe. But still nothing in the UK press. Here the example with more Dutch press:

And here coverage by South African eNCA:


And here Le Figaro in France:

Le Figaro

The Last Mile Lobby also made in the Philippines:

Le Figaro

And still sweet nothing from the UK media on the protest by The3Million & British in Europe for their citizens’ rights in case of ‘no-deal’ Brexit despite this being an issue that directly affects the lives of 5 million people and their families.

And yet more international coverage, this time Euronews in German.


British media, hang your heads in shame!🔷




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(This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article, with the author’s conscent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected.)

(Cover: the3million & BritishInEurope in front of Downing Street. | 5 November 2018.)



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