• The EU Londoners Hub provides independent guidance to EU citizens and citizens from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland and their families who live in London.
• The aim is to help EU citizens prepare for their Settled Status application..
• EU citizens can also sign up for updates on the HUB’s website.

Mayor of London / YouTube

We are very proud to announce that the EU Londoners Hub was launched by the Mayor of London a couple of days ago, in partnership with the3million and Here for Good.

When we won the public tender in August, our objective was to make sure EU citizens of all walks of life could have access to the most up-to-date and authoritative information about the application process for settled status.

I personally found the information published by the Home Office too confusing and hard to read. So, I wanted to make sure people would be able to apply fully informed, in a language they understand.

If you are eligible to apply for settled status as part of the Beta Phase 2, please check out the hub. Or, if you know someone who is eligible, forward this piece to them with the link to the hub. The settled status scheme will fully open in March 2019.

A few words by Sadiq Khan in the EU Londoners Hub Newsletter.

The EU Londoners Hub.

While the Hub is a London Mayor initiative in partnership with the3million and Here for Good for EU Londoners, the information is valid for all EU citizens in the UK, apart from the list of support organisations, which is specific to London.

If you live outside London, I encourage you to contact the CEO of your local Council, or your elected mayor if you have one, to ask them to do the same in your local area. We have a team in place, ready to replicate the work with any local authority in the UK.

I want to conclude by congratulating Sadiq Khan for his vision for London as an open city, and for putting his wallet where his mouth is, and to the team behind the scenes in the3million for making the hub a reality: Wiard, Maria, Toni, and Julien, supported by Anne-Laure and Monique. Not to forget the wonderful Tahmid at Here for Good. Thank you.🔷


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(This piece was originally published on the3million newsletter.)

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