The government’s ‘Settled Status’ trial for EU citizens living in Britain is not going very well as it is going through some pretty basic problems.

Dear Home Office,

Time to talk!

Based on what I am being told by fellow EU citizens, as well as evidence I have seen myself, the second phase of the ‘Settled Status’ trial is marred by significant problems.

Would you care to comment?

I am aware of:

Endless accounts of the passport scan on the app not working.

This is not a big surprise given we already knew the chip required on Android devices needs to be a newer one. So, not only does the app not work on iPhones, but it works only on some Android phones.

A delay in the trial being opened for the next cohort of EU citizens.

This, we could already guess too given the recent comments by Caroline Nokes about what she called “several technical bugs” having to be resolved.

❌ The “view and prove your rights in the UK” website not working.

This is the website where EU citizens who have been granted ‘Settled Status’ can view their rights in the UK... if it ever works! I have heard from many EU citizens that it does not work for them.

So, we are in week 2 of this extended trial and, in essence, there are problems everywhere, stretching across the whole process, from the initial application to successful applicants who now cannot view their status.

This comes on top of the 129 applications (out of 1,053) that could not be processed immediately in the first trial — that may seem low but, of course, it is not at 12.25%... If that rate turns out to remain at this level we are looking at over 400,000 EU citizens facing this issue.

And it comes on the back of these severe and profoundly worrying, privacy and data protection concerns.

Twitter / @cliodiaspora

I suppose all of this might explain why the website set up to give an indication of processing times says... nothing!

All this is happening only because Theresa May is not fond of people she thinks are “Queue Jumpers”... but who really are:

👩‍⚕️ your doctors,

👨‍🔧 your mechanics,

👩‍🔬 your scientists,

👷‍♂️ your builders,

👩‍⚕️ your nurses,

👨‍🍳 your cooks,

👩‍🎨 your artists,

👨‍🌾 your farm workers,

👩‍🏫 your professors

... and your friends and family!🔷

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(This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article, with the author’s conscent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected.)

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