Top European law officer said this morning the UK can cancel Brexit without asking the EU.

The top European law officer has this morning said that the UK can cancel Brexit without asking the EU to let us back in, it’s as simple as that according to Campos Sanchez-Bordona, the European Court of Justice’s advocate general.

This is the lifeline that I never dreamed would come our way. This is the best news I’ve heard since before the referendum in 2016. Yesterday I was pretty certain that Brexit wouldn’t happen, and that whoever ended up in Number ten after next week, Brexiteer or not, that the pressure for a People’s Vote would be overwhelming.

But now that it has been made clear by the Europeans that Article 50 can be revoked by us, any time we want to before we actually get around to leaving the EU, there is no way any reasonable government can stand up to the overwhelming pressure for another vote.

Before this bolt from the blue it was unclear how things might play out even if there was, as I expect there to be, a huge shift towards staying members of the EU, but now the way is clear and there can be no denying a People’s Vote.

Two years ago the ramifications of what Brexit would mean to the people of the UK were not made clear, in fact there were huge lies told, not to mention the blatant cheating that went on.

Now we not only have the means to come to an informed decision, but we have a clear road forward to take action on that decision.

After this ruling we must call a People’s Vote immediately, and I’m confident that the outcome will put an end to this Brexit madness once and for all.🔷

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