Alexandra Bulat on how EU citizens in the UK (including the most vulnerable: the elderly) applying for Settled Status face hours of bureaucratic and technical issues to remain in their own home.

I am one of the 3.8 million EU citizens currently living in the UK who will need to apply and pay to stay in their own home after Brexit.

The new system, “Settled Status”, was tested on a small group of participants, which I was a part of. It is a pilot phase for 250,000 EU citizens. My employer is part of this pilot scheme. It will be open to all EU citizens in 2019.

So, last week, I applied to stay in my own home and I made a short video to document my experience and share some of my thoughts on the process.

Watch my video now:

Vimeo / Alexandra Bulat

I now call on all politicians to start being honest and say what rights we, EU citizens, are set to lose.🔷

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(This piece was first published onTwitter and turned into the above article, with the author’s conscent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected.)

(Cover: A Vote Leave promise.)



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