Today, we have been in limbo for 900 days. A sad anniversary, but I am determined to do something positive. Will you do too?

One of the problems leading to the shambles we saw in Parliament yesterday was our inability to vote during general elections and referenda, leading to the results we know.

Because we want this to change, the3million and British in Europe have partnered with Best for Britain to petition for full voting rights.

Sign our petition today!

Sign our petition today!

In 2016 and in 2017, we couldn’t vote, whereas our Commonwealth friends in the UK could.

Cynical politicians made the most of what they saw as a political opportunity, and vilified freedom of movement and our rights as people who exercised our freedom to move from one member state of the European Union to another. These politicians hoped to win cheap votes at our expense, and it sadly worked.

Even the Prime Minister was guilty of these tactics, when she made the xenophobic queue-jumpers comment, trying once again to set EU citizens and Commonwealth citizens against each other to sell her doomed deal.

Many are saying the nation is divided and people must come together. Easier said than done, but I ask the question: Is there a better way to repair the fabric of our communities than to enfranchise EU citizens who have made the UK their home?

In the US, the slogan “no taxation without representation” led to one of the glorious democratic successes in history. The same argument resonates today among all EU citizens in the UK.

So I am asking you to please sign the petition today and ask your friends to sign it too.

This is about our future, and the future of the country we now call our home.

No Brexit decision without representation!🔷

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(This piece was originally published on the3million Newsletter.)

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