We asked you a week ago to help us choose this year’s “Person of the year”. And you have spoken. 10,896 votes later, this is our “Person of the year” 2018...

First published in December 2018.

We said that our “Person of the year” could be an individual or an organisation that had done the most to influence the political events of 2018 in Britain.

We started with 12 nominees in the first round which attracted 6,210 votes in one week. But it was too close to call and therefore the second round was down to only 4 finalists.

The second round, which is now closed, attracted another 4,686 votes in just 48 hours for our 4 worthy finalists:

- Carole Cadwalladr (a Guardian & Observer journalist);

- In Limbo (an organisation that collects real stories by EU Citizens);

- Nicola Sturgeon (the First Minister of Scotland);

- Steve Bray (the Stop Brexit Activist in Parliament).

Thank you to all readers who participated in the two rounds. This has been a fantastic opportunity for their supporters to highlight the finalists’ achievements in the political events of 2018 in Britain.

Here are 4 comments we received about the finalists we wanted to share with you today:

On Carol Cadwalladr:

"Carole Cadwalladr has gone above and beyond what any other journalist has achieved. She has been tenacious and determined, despite terrible insults and threats from people on social media, including the people who she has been investigating. She is amazing!"

On In Limbo:

"In Limbo tells of ordinary men, women and children living in this country whose lives have been turned upside down by a Government (and I use that term very loosely) that would pander to outdated attitudes rather than face the reality of years of failed political policies from both sides of the house."

On Nicola Sturgeon:

"Given Sturgeon's political position, I think she has stood firm on her principles and has demonstrated her heart beats with her nation and will always put country before party. For that, against the backdrop of Westminster politicians, she has been outstanding."

On Steve Bray:

"He is one of the true lights in the darkness for me in this country right now. It's hard for the media to be so biased with whom they interview when Steve always makes the shot. A true hero of mine. He looks after the interests of my children while so many others are only out for their selves."

Because we have received thousands of such great and supportive comments about each one of our 4 finalists during this vote, we have decided to publish in the next couple of days a series of 4 articles that will share the creme de la creme of comments, because at PMP Magazine we think that 2019 should be about INSPIRATION, RESILIENCE and HOPE. Three words that describe very well what our four finalists have in common. Three words that should get us going in 2019 to finally stop Brexit.

Now, and without further delay, we are happy to announce...

Steve Bray (Twitter/@snb19692)


Congratulations to Steve Bray!

Getting the world’s media attention for his tiredless fight against Brexit in Parliament is definitely an achievement, but being recognised for his efforts, commitment and creativity by thousands of people who thus voted him today “Person of the year 2018” will certainly bring joy to Steve’s heart and motivate him to continue.

There could only be one winner this year, but Nicola Sturgeon, In Limbo and Carole Cadwalladr are all winners in the hearts of thousands of people out there, and they surely will keep on playing some very influential roles in the weeks and months to come with the Brexit situation and politics in general.

Finally, we very much look forward to bringing you a special interview of our worthy winner, Steve Bray, very soon in the magazine.

In the meantime, our team wishes you all a very Happy New Year.

May 2019 bring us all INSPIRATION, RESILIENCE and HOPE... and may 2019 see the end of Brexit and its shambolic policies.

The Editorial Team.


Final-4 Ranking:

1. Steve Bray (2,031 votes)
2. Nicola Sturgeon (1,865 votes)
3. In Limbo (468 votes)
4. Carole Cadwalladr (322 votes)

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