It can take a lot to admit publicly that you changed your mind, especially when it comes to be about Brexit. We are all allowed to change our minds. That is the beauty of democracy.

In 2018, #RemainerNow publicised so many stories evidencing either that the UK population or that individuals have changed their mind on Brexit and are Remainers now.

Here is our 2018 Top Ten stories (in terms of Twitter impressions).

Number 10 (92,028 impressions)

This pair of compilation videos of numerous Leave voters who appeared on the media within 4 days of the Brexit Deal coming out, in November 2018.

Number 9 (94,330 impressions)

A tweet sharing the results of the large Survation poll for the Channel 4 Brexit show, in November 2018, which showed the UK is noticeably remainer now.

Number 8 (108,223 impressions)

This video of David on why he changed his mind on Brexit and saying that is a Remainer now. This tweet was part of a series we assisted the People’s Vote campaign with, in August 2018.

Number 7 (114,059 impressions)

This clip is from the Channel 4 Brexit debate, in December 2018, when an audience member (who I know now is Christopher Harris) invoked the spirit of Kylie to say why he is a Remainer now.

Number 6 (128,396 impressions)

This tweet from December 2018 calling out Michael Gove for his blatent lie on national radio about the People’s Vote and omitting the RemainerNow folk he met just 6 weeks earlier.

Number 5 (142,445 impressions)

This video of Leave voter Paul, a wholesale florist, talking about the impact of Brexit on his business. Thanks to Anna Soubry, amongst others, for helping share this.

Number 4 (146,644 impressions)

This call from just before Christmas 2018 between a Leave voter and Iain Dale on LBC talking about how he changed his mind due to the loss of his option to retire to Spain.

Number 3 (174,895 impressions)

This video of when a Leave voting NHS doctor bumped into Alastair Campbell and Jacob Rees-Mogg in a restaurant as they were filming for Channel 4 and told his RemainerNow story.

Number 2 (443,325 impressions)

This clip from BBC Question Time, in September 2018, where this lady explained how she now felt about Brexit having voted Leave more than 2 years earlier. She spoke for so many other people.

Number 1 (1,251,062 impressions)

This incredible emotional call from Bill to James O’Brien on LBC, in November 2018. This tweet got so many shares due to the content but also a quote tweet by J.K Rowling.

More and more Leave voters who have changed their mind are being vocal and are keen to help persuading others.

Together we can make a difference!🔷

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(This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article, with the author’s consent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected.)

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Sharing stories of Leave voters who have changed their minds on Brexit now that they have facts.