Theresa May has confirmed that, following our lobbying, the £65 Settled Status fee for EU citizens will be scrapped.

• Theresa May has promises to waive the £65 EU Settled Status fee and refund anyone who has paid already.
• The Prime Minister explained EU citizens living in the UK would, this way, face “no financial barrier” to remain in the country post-Brexit.

Yesterday, the Home Office opened the third and final test phase of the Settled Status application app and system to all EU citizens in the UK.

I was about to send a long email to our members about the launch when the most extraordinary thing happened. Theresa May addressed MPs in the Commons and said she listened to party colleagues and organisations like the3million group and announced she scrapped the settled status application fee.


Theresa May in Parliament - YouTube / the3million

So, the uncertainty remains as so many of us are worried about the application and qualifying for settled status, but I am relieved we will not have to pay to stay.

I want to thank you for your support since we started in July 2016.

Together, we can win.

If you can afford it, do consider become a paying supporter to the3million, or make a one-off donation, so we we can continue the work, and focus in 2019 and beyond on supporting the most vulnerable EU citizens during the Settled Status application phase.🔷

Did you know the3million is the leading non-profit organisation of EU citizens in the UK? We are grateful of your support, as we simply couldn’t have campaigned for citizens’ rights over the last 24 months without you. If you can afford it, please become a paying supporter today to allow the campaign to continue for the next 24 months and beyond if necessary.

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(This piece was originally published on the3million newsletter. | The author writes in a personal capacity.)

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