What to do when a politician tells lies after lies, after lies... Fact-checking Boris Johnson.

In an interview he happily gave to Sky News after the passing of Graham Brady’s amendment on Tuesday night, the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told the Sky News Deputy Political Editor Beth Rigby, “Nobody wants to leave without a deal. Everybody wants a deal. And that was clearly the view of Parliament.”

Boris Johnson / Sky News.

Yet, two weeks ago, in his weekly column in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Johnson explained that a No-Deal Brexit corresponds most closely to the British public’s idea of Brexit.

“It is no deal, or WTO terms, that actually corresponds to their idea of coming out; and they view that option with a confidence that is now directly proportional to the growing strength of the Government’s warnings against it, because these doom-laden predictions are so hyperbolical as to suffer from the law of diminishing returns.”
Boris Johnson's Telegraph column.

And yet, the former mayor of London also voted ‘No’ in the Commons on Tuesday night on Caroline Spelman’s amendment that meant Parliament was officially expressing its opposition to a No-Deal Brexit. An amendment passed by 318 votes to 310, with a majority of eight.

Commons Votes / Parliament.uk

Of course, we live in extraordinary times when a Prime Minister supports an amendment (the Brady Amendment) in the Commons that basically rips apart the very deal she took two years to negotiate with the European Union.

But when a smiling and bubbly politician like Boris Johnson tells you on TV that “nobody wants to leave without a deal. Everybody wants a deal. And that was clearly the view of Parliament”, just do not take their word for it, especially if they have previously sold you a big red bus which happened to be bigger of a lie than the bus itself...🔷

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