After dumping 70 pages of Brexit documents in a rubbish bin and having so many porkpies on his plate, would anyone — seriously — still/ever trust him as a politician, let alone their Prime Minister?

As if he was not already enough known for the many gaffes and the many lies he has made during both his journalistic and his political career, Boris Johnson can now add ‘dumped important Brexit papers’ to his check-list.

Indeed, the Sunday Mirror publishes this morning an extract of parliamentary paper work dumped by the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in a petrol station bin, in which he wrote among other things:

“No deal does not mean crashing out, it can mean we are getting it right. We don’t know what the strategy is. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear isn’t scary.”

“We are about to make an historic mistake. I will repeat – this is a ridiculous pseudo Brexit.”

“We have nothing to fear from no deal. They won’t dare derail Brexit. There is simply no consensus. If you want to take this deal, you’re a terrible sellout.”

“The party has a very clear way forward on Brexit. It is the true way.  The chief whip is alleged to have a plot to put it back to the people.”

“We could go for a People’s Vote, as if the 33million people who voted last time were not people.”

The 70 pages of handwritten memos and speech notes were picked up at the petrol station by a member of the public who shared them with the Sunday Mirror and who told the newspaper, (Boris Johnson) says he wants to be Prime Minister. But how could he look after the country when he can’t even keep hold of his own notes on the biggest crisis in decades? It’s really unbelievable he put these documents in a public bin without shredding them. But he is just like you imagine him in real life, blustering about with no awareness.”

Mr Johnson has a long history of gaffes and lies about pretty much everything from his time a journalist inventing stories about the European Union to his time as the Mayor of London, to his time as a Senior Vote Leave campaigner and his time as Foreign Secretary...

Just a few examples of gaffes and lies.

During the 2016 EU Referendum campaign, he lied about the NHS receiving £350m a week after Brexit, Turkey becoming a member of the EU, etc.

In January 2017, he accused the European Union of considering Nazi-style “punishment beatings” on Britain in revenge for Brexit.

In October 2017, he said that the Libyan city of Sirte could be the new Dubai, and that, “the only thing they have got to do is clear the dead bodies away,” before laughing.

In November 2017, he made a gaffe that caused Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s jail sentence in Iran to be increased. She still remains in jail.

As an MP he promised to lie down in front of bulldozers to oppose Heathrow. He quickly travelled to Afghanistan when the vote came to Parliament last year.

Just over two weeks ago, making a big speech from JCB’s Headquarters, he denied having said anything about Turkey during the EU Referendum, “I didn’t say anything about Turkey in the referendum campaign. I didn’t say a thing about Turkey.”

Last Tuesday, he blatantly lied to the face of Sky News viewers about nobody wanting a No-Deal, despite the fact that he had very much voted for ‘No’ in the Commons a few minutes earlier on Caroline Spelman’s amendment that meant Parliament was officially expressing its opposition to a No-Deal Brexit.

And now, dumping his Brexit work in a rubbish bin at a petrol station...

Such a long history of gaffes and lies that it totally eclipses whatever the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip might have done right during his career. Let’s think...

Boris Johnson’s ‘achievements’.

The Boris Bikes? Not really. He took credit for them but it was not even his idea. The initial concept was announced by the previous Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, in August 2007.

The Cable Car? £24m cost to the taxpayers, when Boris Johnson had said it would not be underwritten by taxpayers.

The fantasy Garden Bridge that was supposed to connected Temple Underground station with the South Bank of the Thames? It will never happen and still cost £46m to the taxpayers.

And when he finally won something big with the 2016 EU Referendum result in his favour, he had nothing to offer until after he resigned from government last year and called Theresa May’s deal rubbish without having any alternative plan himself.

Talking of rubbish! (sic)

Boris Johnson has so many porkpies on his plate, who would — seriously — still/ever trust him as a politician, let alone your Prime Minister?🔷

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[This is an original piece, first published on 3 Feb 2019 by the author in | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

(Cover: Dreamtime/Alexandra King - London mayor Boris Johnson preparing to give an interview outside the City Hall in London. | 17 July 2013.)