On Nissan choosing Japan over the UK to build their new X-Trail car and what it means to Brexit Britain.

Last week, the Institute of Directors (IOD) announced that its research was saying that almost one in three businesses (29%) were either implementing, or had plans to move all or part of their operations abroad, as a direct result of Brexit.

Over the weekend Nissan, the massive Japanese motor company, who have been making vehicles in Sunderland since the Thatcher era, announced a U-turn over plans to build their new X-Trail in the city, in the North East of England.

This despite still secret assurances from the Government given to the company in 2016, intended to reassure it against fears that the Brexit environment would make manufacturing cars in the UK less attractive.

(Editor’s note: In the letter, no longer commercially sensitive according to Nissan, the UK Government promised support of about £80m towards Nissan’s investments at the site.)

You could say that this is yet another concrete example of what we are facing, but it is not, is it? It is actually a very real example of what we are experiencing. This isn’t some make-believe image on a campaign billboard, it is a real example of jobs that would have existed in the UK, which now will go elsewhere.

Hiroto Saikawa is the president of Nissan. He was not involved in the Brexit campaign on either side. His company was concerned over what leaving the EU would mean for its operations in the UK. Nissan received guarantees from the UK Government that everything would be okay.

Over the weekend this giant corporation decided it no longer believed in Theresa May’s promises.

Real lives. Real people. Real losses.

Think about it!!🔷

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