When a Labour Party member writes an open letter to Jeremy Corbyn to tell him how worried she is about his and the party’s posture on Brexit, and to demand a People’s Vote.

Dear Mr. Corbyn,

I am a mother and grandmother, and very surprised and concerned about your stance on Brexit.

I believe that the result of the referendum was flawed and probably illegal, so should have been declared null and void.

I request that you press for a People’s Vote for all citizens including those aged from 16 to vote, now that the serious damage to our economy has become more obvious.

Scotland, as well as younger people, overwhelmingly voted to remain.

The integrity of the UK is at risk.

I want the UK to be a decent place for our future generations to live in and believe that the UK remaining within the EU is the best way to ensure this.

I know the EU is not perfect, but as members we have enjoyed peace in Europe for many years. And as a member we can improve it.

Working together with our close partners gives us a louder voice in the world. With President Trump in the USA and Vladimir Putin in Russia, the balance of the EU block of nations is more important than ever.

I know that you believe in working together for the many not the few, so I am dismayed that you seem not to apply the same standard to our partners in the EU.🔷

If you too would like to tell Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party that their position on Brexit must change, sign Jill’s petition today.

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