Nigel from Worcestershire wrote a letter to his MP to explain why, after voting Leave in 2016, he is a Remainer now, and why he rightly expects MPs to put Country before Party.

I cannot understand why you and the majority of your Party are continuing with this disastrous Brexit policy and would urge you to follow the example shown by the likes of Dominic Grieve and Dr Sarah Wollaston.

You have capitulated to the extreme right wing and, as a result, we are now set to crash out with all the hardship that will bring.

As an MP it is your duty to put Country before Party, and you are failing in that responsibility, history will be harsh.

You are standing by a referendum where illegal practises and misinformation were rife. Why? During the campaign, I listened to the likes of Dr Liam Fox, “easiest deal in history”, Daniel Hannan, “nobody is threatening our place in the single market”, Owen Paterson, “only a madman would leave the single market”.

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Please explain to me how my vote for these people was valid in any way shape or form?

I voted Leave. I am coming to my senses all too late, unfortunately. A decision I will always regret.

It’s been a journey for me, some of the low lights...

I thought I was being patriotic; now I understand that my decision could lead to the break-up of the UK.

I thought we were dictated to by unelected bureaucrats, we do have a vote, and our Government helps elect those officials.

I thought we sent huge sums of money to the EU. A drop in the ocean compared to what comes back in trade and jobs, 19:1, your own Treasury figures.

Business Insider / HMRC

I thought we had no control over our borders. Using existing EU laws we could if we wanted to.

I thought we had no say in laws. Yet we have a say in every law, and those that are imposed usually are to prevent cancer-causing materials being used in production.

We have a Veto.

Please come to your senses and start doing what is morally right and work to withdraw Article 50, our current deal is the best deal.🔷

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