Steve Bray is a Brexit fighting superhero of our age who deserves our support and thanks, Charlie Mullins writes.

For the past few months, anyone working in or around the Palace of Westminster will tell you that Steve Bray, and his merry bunch of anti-Brexit supporters, have been a constant thorn in the paw of all who would see the UK leave the European Union.

Described as a “Welsh eccentric” by the Sunday papers for his determined protest action outside the Mother of all Parliaments, Steve is much more than that. He is a modern-day superhero, fighting baddies every bit as sinister (and some quite similar) to any that Batman ever faced.

Do you think I’m joking? Come on, who can’t see Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson and the dreaded Farage, as cartoon villains, complete with masked flunkies, trying to take over the UK with some crazy scheme or other? Is it really much of a stretch?

We need more people like Steve; people prepared to put themselves out there for the good of the UK. As I said, Steve has been out there for months, with his signs, peacefully making his case to passing MPs and Lords, from all sides of the political divide.

To date, Steve has been paying for his protest from his own pocket, but with bills for thousands mounting, and that’s just for accommodation and food for him and his fellow protest members, he was facing the prospect of having to abandon his protest.

I have met Steve a load of times when I’ve been down on College Green doing interviews for the BBC or Sky, and when I heard he needed a few quid to keep going, I was only too pleased to chip in.

Steve now has a Fundrazr page, and it would be great if we could get him enough cash to stay for a few more months yet, as I can see this thing running and running, well beyond the current March 29 deadline.🔷

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