Charlie Mullins on the resignation of three Conservative MPs to join The Independent Group, and what it might mean for Theresa May and the Conservative Party.

Accusing Theresa May of allowing Arlene Foster’s DUP & Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ERG to frog-march their once trusted party toward the economic cliff edge, and destroying all the moderising efforts of the past decade, three Tories have quit their party and joined the Rebel Alliance.

Somewhat ironically if you ask me, Theresa May has responded by saying she was “saddened”, but her party would “always offer... decent, moderate and patriotic politics.”

The three Tories to join the Rebel Alliance are Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen and Sarah Wollaston, and along with a Labour’s Joan Ryan, who this morning joined her seven Labour colleagues (who quit the Labour whip yesterday), led by Chuka Umunna and Luciana Berger, now make up a block of 11 anti-Brexit MPs in the Commons.

Yesterday I said that rather than being overcome with schadenfreude the Tories would be bricking it that they would be next, and here we are 24-hours later with both parties in turmoil, and one of them is supposed to be running the joint and sorting out Brexit.

Where is this going to end? Could this be a futile and desperate attempt to form an alternative pro-EU party that isn’t the Lib-Dems (who under Vince Cable are already that party) or will it grow over the next days and weeks into a real opposition to Mrs May’s smashed up and leaderless Conservative Government?

Only time will tell I suppose, but already if you add the Rebel Alliance to the Lib-Dems you have a block that is larger than the DUP.

Just saying...🔷

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