London singer, songwriter and composer Franka De Mille posted a very interesting mini Twitter thread today showing the UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt literally insulting another Member State of the European Union.

In case you missed it:

Yesterday Jeremy Hunt was in Slovenia, one of his stops on the Brexit stalking tour charm offensive. He was at his most charming: he said Slovenia used to be a vassal state of the Soviet Union. Add Slovenia to the long list of pissed off countries!


Well, Mr Hunt surely managed to inspire nice headlines in the Slovenian newspapers:

“Britanski minister ponosen na Slovence, ‘vazale Sovjetske zveze’.”

“The British minister is proud of Slovenians, ‘the vassals of the Soviet Union’.”

On Facebook, Milan Brglez, former president of the Slovenian parliament said:

“The British foreign minister comes to Slovenia asking us for a favour (to discuss with the Foreign Minister how to avoid a no-deal Brexit) while arrogantly insulting us. We were never a ‘vassal state of the Soviet Union’.”

The above text was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into text-only by PMP Magazine. It is unredacted. It may have been minorly edited to remove abbreviations and spelling mistakes in order to be more readable. The author of the tweets wrote in a personal capacity. The tweets are public. (Source: Twitter) —

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(This is an original piece, first published by the PMP Magazine.)

(Cover: Screenshot of Jeremy Hunt in Slovenia.)