Charlie Mullins recently received two TV crews from France and Belgium to talk about... Brexit!

Back in January I met with Baptiste des Monstiers, one of the presenters from the French TV show ‘Quotidien’ on the TMC network. Baptiste, and the show itself is a bit of a tongue and cheek show, and I always appreciate a good laugh – but like I say on the show, we’re in the Brexshit.

Debate is always healthy, and Tim Martin is a great opponent, but I’ve not had one staff member asking me to remove the ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ on the roof of my building. Unfortunately for Tim, he can’t say the same for his the ‘pro-Brexit propaganda’ in his pubs...

And even though business is booming at Pimlico, no one is immune to the cancer of Brexit, like I explained to Baptiste. Many of the boiler, bathroom, and heating parts used in the UK, comes from specialists in Germany – and the cost of these have already gone up by 10%. After Brexit, these costs will rise again, at a predicted percentage of 7% which at some point will have to be passed onto the customer. It simply isn’t viable for a business to absorb so many costs – though we have been doing our best to shield our customers from this.

Smaller firms and independent tradespeople won’t be able to take on this cost burden, and as such be out of business. I may have “bâti un empire en réparant des toilettes” but Brexit will mean that the thousands of other aspiring British entrepreneurs, won’t have the same success.

Now in my eyes, any policy which makes people worse off, puts them out of work, and makes them poorer is a damn mean spirited policy!

And that’s Brexit for you.

Quotidien / TMC - France

We also recently filmed with Gilles of Belgian TV show ‘7 à la Une’, going over all things Brexit and just why we have a 100ft ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ sign towering over our HQ.

Gilles was a pleasure to have around, we had a lot of fun filming for the show and reporting back some common sense on Brexit from London.

7 à la Une / RTBF - Belgium

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(This piece was originally published on two blogs posts here and here. | The author writes in a personal capacity.)

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