The BBC’s Europe Editor Katya Adler posted an interesting thread on Twitter last night on the impossibility for the EU27 to budge on the Backstop situation.

In case you missed it:

EU-UK technical talks to find a ‘landing zone’ on the backstop are likely to go on throughout the week, possibly into the weekend and even Monday too.

The EU still insists it won’t touch the Withdrawal Agreement.

As said many times before: it is looking to provide assurances, including highlighting elements already in the backstop text such as the arbitration mechanism.

Also being looked at is what is being described as a timeline for ‘alternative arrangements’ to the backstop.

Even if the EU says that technology doesn’t yet exist to replace the backstop, IF such technology emerges during the transition period then...

Another area being worked on is the political declaration and what can be added to it.

The EU is basically not budging its position.

Remember: The Commission’s negotiators don’t have legal power to add to or change the Withdrawal Agreement. They need a nod from the 27 EU leaders and they are still not sure what will guarantee the Brexit deal approval in the House of Commons.

Hardly an incentive to break the EU red lines.

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