When they lie live on foreign TV channels, do Brexiters like IDS really believe no one at home will ever notice? Charlie Mullins did notice.

First published in March 2019.

• Former Tory leader and Hard-Brexiter Iain Duncan Smith was interviewed by US TV network Bloomberg yesterday, when he said all polls suggest that “the vast majority (of British people) want to get out now, even if they voted Remain” and that “majority are happy to go out without” a Brexit deal.”
• However, as a YouGov poll published last February shows, only 19% of people think leaving with no deal would be a good outcome, compared to 54% who don’t want to see the UK leave the EU with no deal.

Usually the title for the biggest Brexit lie of the day goes to Theresa May, or possibly Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg might push her out, but yesterday Iain Duncan Smith has completely blown this bunch of charlatans away with some of the biggest pork pies ever told on live television.

In a bollocks ladened litany of lies it was hard to figure out which were the biggest and most unworthy of a member of the Government of the United Kingdom, but I reckon who the finalists were when he said:

“The vast majority want to get out now, even if they voted Remain.”

“All the polling tells us that a majority are happy to go out without a withdrawal agreement.”

Watch the interview now:

Twitter / Bloomberg TV

This is complete and utter bollocks, lies, deceit, falsehood, fabrication, whatever the word I use there just doesn’t seem to be one that’s strong enough to describe the evil that the entire Brexit agenda contains and is driven by.

People will be worse off, in some cases much worse off, and that’s why I think these types of lies make me so angry.

I sincerely wish that the people who willfully mislead their fellow citizens by pretending that they are speaking truth, by virtue of their positions in society, could be brought to book.

If it happens in a court it’s perjury and you go to prison; at work it’s gross-misconduct and you get fired, so why when you do it in politics you seem to get promoted?🔷

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[This piece was originally published on the Pimlico Plumbers blog and re-published in PMP Magazine on 6 March 2019, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

(Cover: Gif of IDS on Bloomberg TV.)