Labour MP Jess Phillips today on how she would like Theresa May to tell voters the truth about Brexit instead of being scared of them and scared of her ERG MPs.

In case you missed it:

Jess Phillips in the House of Commons said, “I am really, really sick of the way the government has gone about this.”

She then rightly accused the Tory government to pretend that THEY ONLY “care about the national interest, as if we do not all care about the national interest. The people on those benches do not own the national interest. It is not like nationalism. It is something we all care about.”

She added that the government had offered MPs “the choice of my way or the highway - and the highway is rocky and bad,” before accusing Theresa May of being too “scared of voters” to tell them that in fact Brexit “is really bad for the country.”

She finally said that Theresa May now looks like a “rabbit in the headlights” in her dealings with the Brexiters, “someone who is not willing to say the real facts.”

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