Charlie Mullins on Theresa May’s bad week in Parliament and why he thinks she will end up going soon.

Last night, another chapter was written in the Brexit horror story, and now finally Theresa May has no place to go. Time and again she has assured the UK public that she will bring Brexit down on the country on March 29, 2019, and that now will not happen.

This morning, Brexit does not mean Brexit, and I’m sure there is a date known to some, including the PM, which will be her last day in office.

We might live in strange times when a Government can lose a vote by 230 votes and still carry on, but from a human, as well as political point of view, you cannot repeat a promise, over and over for 30 months, and then not deliver.

Believe me, Theresa May has resigned. She just hasn’t told us when she’ll go.

That won’t stop her digging up the corpse of her zombie bill again next week, however, and attempting once more to convince parliament to embrace it, so that she can get the short extension she’s been lying about for weeks.

Yes, lying!

What other explanation is there for promising again this week to deliver Brexit by March 29, when she now says if parliament approves it next week her Government will need a three month ‘technical extension’ to deal with all the necessary business?

By my plumber’s maths, that means this particular bullshit line is at least two months old. Seems to me that Theresa May has been lying to parliament, which for some reason is more serious than lying to the public.

Not a bad week on the whole though: we’ve seen parliament kill May’s zombie-deal for a second time; and they well and truly drove a stake through the heart of any question of a No-Deal Brexit, an act that also destroyed any remnants of the PM’s authority — that with all the cabinet abstentions. And finally last night Brexit got postponed for at least three months, but it’s just one more zombie massacre away from a much longer delay, or even cancellation.🔷

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