Labour MP Andrew Gwynne posted a Twitter thread on how 17.4 million Leave voters definitely don’t all want the same version of Brexit.

In case you missed it:

It’s very easy for people to demand that their MP vote as they  want on a particular issue like Brexit. My constituents voted 61% to Leave the EU in the referendum BUT the Cameron Government never spelt out a Leave ‘Plan B’...

Here’s a sample of emails received today:

I voted leave and now want EFTA.

Vote against May’s Deal and let’s have something like Norway.

I voted Leave and now regret it...

“Vote against May’s Deal as I’m worried about jobs and peace in Northern Ireland.”

I voted Leave, just LEAVE.

I support the Prime Minister’s Deal. (to be fair, I haven’t had many of these)

And therein lies the problem.

People voted to Leave, but the 17.4 million don’t all want the same version of leaving the EU.

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