Charlie Mullins on Theresa May blaming MPs for the current Brexit failures and why he thinks all options are still on the table, including a Peoples Vote and revokation of Article 50.

Last night, Theresa May stood up and in front of the country, and blamed MPs for her failure to produce a viable Brexit deal, despite working on it for two and a half years, to the exclusion of all other areas of her job. She also claimed to be the champion of the people in a bizarre speech that reminded me of some of the crazed final outbursts of the former Libyan dictator, Colonel Gadhafi.

As she flounced off the stage I was left wondering what on earth has the Prime Minister been smoking? The answer it seems is ‘No-Deal skunk’, and it has given her a delusional god complex.

The truth is that she is still blackmailing everyone with the same tired old shit, ‘my deal or no-deal’. There ought to be a Theresa May horror toy that utters a selection of her inane phrases.

Anyway, in the real world, blackmailers should be reported to the police and locked up where they can no longer do harm to their victims. I wonder how the 200 who voted to keep Mrs May as Tory leader in December are feeling about their short-sighted tribal decision this morning?

Theresa May's statement, 20 March 2019. / YouTube - Channel 4 News

Never fear however, I get the feeling that Theresa May will be out of office and in hiding by the end of next week. Brexit won’t happen on March 29, but we will have a new Prime Minister.

It may feel like Mrs May has manipulated the situation to the point where options like cancelling Brexit, holding another referendum, or a soft Common Market 2.0 (Norway ++) Brexit are no longer on the table, but this is wrong. Just because Mrs May has the microphone and the office doesn’t mean that what she says will come true.

This is also true of Donald Tusk. Yesterday, it seemed like he told us that unless parliament backed the PM’s deal there would be no extension. But his words, just like Theresa May’s, are just that, the thoughts of someone in a tight spot.

All options are on the table.

And, Theresa May, you arrogant narcissist, if you speak for the people, can you explain why there are more than half a million signatures [640k at 09:48 this morning] on a petition currently increasing at 100k signature every 10 minutes, calling for Article 50 to be cancelled and the UK to stay in the EU?🔷

In case you have not yet done so, please sign the petition now! (be patient if the page is down, as the website has already crashed a couple of times since the morning)

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