Like 17.4 million voters, Jessica voted Leave in 2016, but she has since realised how badly Brexit has been handled by Government and Theresa May. She is a Remainer now. She thinks we should be building bridges not walls and wants a People’s Vote.

I voted Leave for a few reasons.

One reason being that I had close friends who owned businesses, who told me that tough regulations from the EU made it really hard for small businesses like theirs to thrive and that, if Brexit happened, they would be able to trade with countries outside of the EU.

I myself was, at the time, in the process of starting my own business, and was told if Brexit happened there would be fewer regulations and a cheaper VAT. I was told that by a student of economics, so I trusted their opinion. But it would appear now that that was not accurate because it seems that VAT could rise after Brexit.

The reason I have changed my mind is because of the amount of misinformation that was around at the time of the vote and that has been around since too.

Also, the way it has been handled since by the government is appalling. Nothing was planned. They have had two years to come up with a deal and it feels like they have just thrown something together at the last minute.

I have absolutely no faith in our government or Theresa May, and I am actually fearful of a No-Deal Brexit.

I do think a lot of Leave voters have been misrepresented though. I am sick of hearing how we are all some kind of uneducated racists who did not know what we were voting for. I am sure that’s true of a lot of people, but people like me voted the way they did because they thought it would help the country. I am educated, I was at Uni at the time and I am fully supportive of immigration, I donate to refugee charities regularly. So, I think it is unfair to generalize.

Brexit didn’t have to be the big shambles it has been, if it had been executed properly, things could have been different. But, as it goes, it is a big mess and a joke, and I think it will be detrimental to our country.

There is no doubt that the EU is flawed in some ways, as is any governed system. I think that, while there are issues, Brexit is not the cure. We should have negotiated with them, voted to change things we were unhappy with. There has always been a lot of debate and fighting between the UK and the EU (there’s a fascinating article about it on But I think we have given up on them too soon. We should be building bridges not walls.🔷

By Jessica Carroll.

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