Charlie Mullins’ column today on how the EU27 turned the tables on a now powerless Theresa May and opened the prospect of parliament taking back control of Brexit.

Last night Theresa May tried to get the European Union to back up her cynical time-wasting strategy, in another desperate effort to force the UK parliament to accept her shitty, twice dead, Brexit deal, and they weren’t having it.

Instead of falling into her trap of being used to leverage the Commons into accepting the will of the Maybot the EU politicians neatly sidestepped the bear-trap, and knee-capped Mrs May’s authority. In effect it was an ambush; she thought she was going to Brussels for their help, but instead they sold her down the river.

You might say they took a classic move from her play-book and kicked the can down the road, but crucially left all options on the table, including a soft Brexit, a second referendum, and the UK retaining EU membership.

Yep, last night, Theresa May got ‘Theresa Mayed’!

Theresa May has, since her disastrous snap election, been a dead woman walking, but she is now powerless to stop parliament taking over the Brexit process. Already the coalition of the sane, the Dominic Grieve, Hilary Benn, Oliver Letwin et al are planning indicative votes to finally see what parliament can actually support.

And let’s not forget the People’s Vote March tomorrow, which is shaping up to exert its own power from the streets of the capital, as trampled by hundreds of thousands of feet from across the country.

Last night the EU gave Theresa May until April 12 to get her deal through parliament, but effectively also gave the rest of us a couple of months to see off her deal and come up with our own, and that’s where this is tale headed.

Next week, the PM will lose the third vote on her deal, which the speaker will somehow manage to accept, probably based on changed circumstances rather than its substance. Then parliament will finally get onto the business of finding viable and supportable alternative options, which I’m hoping will include a new referendum.

Oh yeah, and there’s the bit where Theresa May finally resigns... My bet is sometime after the vote next week on her deal, or the week after if she pulls it again. Most likely on the day whenever that is when she loses the vote on her deal for a third time which, by the way, I reckon she will lose by more than the 149 margin of the second vote, after she pissed off most MPs with her Wednesday night speech.🔷

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