On Monday, MPs will have a second go at the indicative votes on the Brexit alternatives. What would YOUR choices be?

How would you vote in the indicative votes? Cast your vote now.

Also, please take this opportunity to tell us how the EU has changed your life or your family’s, how your studying in another EU member state got you to work in your field or opened your horizons on new cultures and new languages, how your local community may have benefited from Britain being a member of the EU (EU funds for your local hospital, local projects funded by the EU...), how your town or your region took advantage of being in the EU to create jobs, to help with your local NHS...

Tell us about the things the media never talk about which would never have happened without the EU. And tell us how Brexit has already impacted and will impact your life. Tell us YOUR story.

The best stories will be published in our magazine as we receive them.

Read the Brexit stories we received so far...

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   B - John Baron’s - “No Deal”
   The motion proposes leaving the European Union without a deal on April 12.

   D - Nick Boles’s - “Common market 2.0”
   The motion proposes UK membership of the EFTA/EEA, continued participation in the single market and a “comprehensive customs arrangement” with the EU after Brexit, which would remain in place until the agreement of a wider trade deal which guarantees frictionless movement of goods and an open border in Ireland.

   H - George Eustice’s - “Efta & EEA”
   The motion proposes remaining within the EEA and rejoining EFTA, but remaining outside a customs union with the EU.

   J - Ken Clarke’s - “Customs Union”
   The motion requires a commitment to negotiate a “permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union with the EU” in any Brexit deal.

   K - Labour’s - “Customs Union & alignment with Single Market”
   The motion proposes a close economic relationship with the EU. The plan includes a comprehensive customs union with a UK say on future trade deals; close alignment with the single market; matching new EU rights and protections; participation in EU agencies and funding programmes; and agreement on future security arrangements, including access to the European arrest warrant.

   L - Joanna Cherry’s - “Revocation to avoid no deal”
   The motion proposes that if the government has not passed its withdrawal agreement, it would have to stage a vote on a no-deal Brexit two sitting days before the scheduled date of departure. If MPs refuse to authorise no-deal, the prime minister would be required to halt Brexit by revoking article 50.

   M - Dame Margaret Beckett’s - “Confirmatory public vote (or People’s Vote)”
   This motion would require a public vote to confirm any Brexit deal passed by parliament before its ratification.

   O - Marcus Fysh’s - “Contingent preferential arrangements”
   The motion calls for the government to seek to agree preferential trade arrangements with the EU, in case the UK is unable to implement a withdrawal agreement with the bloc.

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