Furious Tory MPs tell May: we’ll block snap Brexit election (The Guardian)
Cabinet ministers join warning on poll as Amber Rudd leads bid to halt shift to the right.

PMP: Monday’s indicative votes could take Brexit to the path of a softer Brexit with a customs union or a second referendum, but the path to a general election might be blocked by Theresa May’s own Conservatives MPs.

EU faces big Brexit question: should UK stay or go? 🔒 (Financial Times)
Some in the bloc favour Britain’s early departure, others hope for second referendum.

PMP: With the UK getting closer to the new Brexit date of 12 April, the EU27 are now facing their hardest decision yet: is it worth for the EU to offer a long extension that could end up harming the bloc politically and strategically?

After New Zealand attacks, more people registered to move there (New York Times)
Registrations of interest to live and work in New Zealand rose sharply from people in the United States and from two majority-Muslim countries, Pakistan and Malaysia.

PMP: New Zealand has displayed something different after the terrorist attack: empathy, inclusion and respect for its children, its families and its minorities, especially thanks to a very dignified Prime Minister, prompting a special interest for many people who feel persecuted in their home countries in moving to New Zealand.

How political editor Laura Kuenssberg broke the mould to become the BBC’s Brexit guru 🔒 (The Times)
Female, 42, strong Scottish accent, didn’t go to Oxbridge – Laura Kuenssberg claims ten years ago she wouldn’t have landed the number one political job on TV. But for the past three years she’s been the reluctant breakout star of Brexit. Now, she gives her first interview to Janice Turner.

PMP: Always interesting to learn about fellow journalists, especially brilliant ones.

The mask of Bolsonaro’s guru, Olavo de Carvalho, slips 🔒 (Financial Times)
Depicted as placid and learned, Brazil’s hardcore ideologue explodes into insults.

PMP: An interesting portrait of Brazil’s far-right president’s ideological guru, Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian friend of Steve Bannon who lives in the United States, and who claims that Nazism and World War 2 were a Stalinist plot. Seriously...

Half of UK fund groups say gender pay gap is widening 🔒 (Financial Times)
Disappointment as figures dip at Newton IM, Columbia Threadneedle and SSGA.

PMP: This is 2019. There should simply not be any gender pay gap at all. If the government weren’t so busy with negotiating Brexit with itself and its allies in Parliament, maybe it would be able to find a way to make gender pay gap totally illegal in the UK. Just saying...

Teachers volunteer for £7,000 pay cut to save colleagues’ jobs (The Guardian)
Five members of staff at Furzedown primary in London take reductions of up to 20%.

PMP: When five teachers agree to take a salary cut of up to £7,000 a year to safeguard the jobs of two colleagues, you know there is something really wrong with this government.

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s apprentice president 🔒 (The Economist)
Unless he stops provoking and learns to govern, his tenure could be short.

PMP: Some have nicknamed him ‘the Trump of the tropics’, and both his inexperience in government and his Twitter frenzy certainly are common points the far-right president of Brazil shares with the American president. And, alike Trump too, Bolsonaro shows no sign that he actually understands what being president entails.

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