Charlie Mullins on the indicative votes and why it is time to put it to the people with a ‘confirmatory referendum’.

There are a few words which immediately come to mind when someone asks me what I think of everything going on in Parliament at the moment, but none are quite polite enough to include in this column.

As a businessman, I know all too well about productivity and puling your weight, and I also know what happens when you don’t. The point I’m making is that we’re in a deadlock. A murky, bleak and dark deadlock. Where Theresa May’s powers have dwindled, and our voted representatives, simply can’t agree.

All of the indicative votes yesterday have done nothing to help the proceedings, and only inched this country closer and closer to leaving the EU without a deal; and I don’t think anyone needs a reminder how devastating that will be.

The facts are simple: the Commons aren’t going to agree on the direction this country should go in, so it should, in no uncertain terms, be put to the people in a ‘Confirmatory Referendum.’

Parliament should agree on one thing, and that’s its failure to deliver any kind of decision at all. It has simply let down all the people who voted to put these representatives in their seats, in the most embarrassing and pathetic way.

The case for the electorate to be given a final say on the outcome for this country, is the strongest today than it has ever been when you look at reckless voting happening in the Commons.

If MPs can’t agree on anything, give the hard working citizens of this country an opportunity to confirm if what is being proposed is truly the ‘will of people’.

Surely this would uphold the essential principle of a representative government?🔷

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(This piece was originally published on the Pimlico Plumbers blog. | The author writes in a personal capacity.)

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