Today I join nineteen other top entrepreneurs in sending a letter to each and every Conservative MP, to highlight how dire the current situation is.

British businesses like mine, have lost faith in the Conservative Party, after the past few years have been nothing short of a horror show. The mismanagement and pitiful handling of Brexit, has left our country isolated and less competitive on the national spectrum.

As a businessman in London, I along with nineteen other comrades, demand a Confirmation Brexit Referendum – to put an end to this torture.

Since the day Theresa May walked into number 10, she has made a habit of snubbing businesses. Under Theresa May, the Conservative Party has become the epitome of Britain’s shame, responsible for economic destruction, corporate uncertainty, and dreadful leadership.

During David Cameron’s tenure, business was at the centre of Parliament, and as such, the economy and this country, thrived. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case; leaving Britain facing a calamitous future – unless we put a stop to it.

The solution is easy. A Confirmatory Referendum.

The Government has lost its authority and ability to govern Brexit, and as such, it is only right that the electorate has an opportunity to take control, and ensure popular consent amongst the people, reigns.

Let me remind you, democracy didn’t end in June 2016. The people may have spoken at that time, but it doesn’t expel them from the opportunity to speak again. A lot has changed since 2016, and I demand this Government gives the people the chance to take back control, for the sake of this country and the true essence of representative democracy.🔷

The letter to all Conservative MPs:

Dear [All Conservative MPs],

The Conservative Party has frequently asked entrepreneurs and business people to publicly support it, particularly during General Elections.

Business has generally been very happy to do so, primarily because the Conservative Party has been a positive political force for business, and one that has consistently nurtured and encouraged entrepreneurial start-ups.

How times change.

Today’s Conservative Party is no longer a friend of business. It has morphed into a party of economic destruction, corporate uncertainty and poor leadership. No entrepreneur would run their business the way this country is being governed, or at least do so and expect to run it for very long on that basis.

This Government’s desire to deliver BREXIT at any cost is destroying faith in the Conservative Party. Such obsessive behaviour might be understandable if the BREXIT proposed had been well defined at the outset, if the original referendum had been won honestly, or if the majority had been overwhelming.

But the BREXIT advertised in the referendum campaign was never really on offer, with the British electorate grossly misled by illegal advertising campaigns. Any suggestion that the “will of the people” was well defined is utterly deceitful.

In the absence of an effective government, there is now only one legitimate path still available to the Government, and that is to request updated electoral guidance, by way of a Confirmatory Referendum.

Voters should be asked to choose between whatever BREXIT is available, and a REMAIN option, which should ideally also recognise the need for EU reform.

Any such REMAIN campaign would be wise to recognise the need for democratic change in the EU from within, even if this means a persistent use of this country’s EU veto, in order to achieve the changes tax-payers do deserve.

For the sake of this country, for the sake of British business, for the sake of the economy and for the sake of the Conservative Party, we ask this government to modify its course.

With the Conservative Government losing its ability to govern BREXIT, it’s only right that the electorate now take back control.

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