Charlie Mullins on fighting the horror sight of Nigel Farage all over our screens again during the European Election campaign.

Do we really need a faux-war between Nigel Farage’s ego and the breakaway anti-Brexit vehicle known as TIG? Well, that’s what seems to be brewing, with both The Independent Group (TIG) and the Brexit Party registering themselves to slug it out over Brexit, in a set of elections that Brits have never been particularly enthusiastic participants in.

And while it might initially seem like a good, if a little ironic, way to start to unpick the Brexit deadlock, I think it’s a sideshow we can do without, considering turnout has historically wallowed at around 35%, compared to the 72.2% achieved at the 2016 EU referendum.

If we want to have another vote on Brexit, which I believe is the only way to defuse the Brexit-bomb, we need to be very clear about what we are doing and hold a referendum, or a People’s Vote, or whatever we want to call it.

All that this fake battle will achieve is deliver a vague result that will help nobody, except perhaps fuel Nigel Farage’s ego by giving him a new stage to smoke fags and drink beer on.

YouTube / Sky News

Those elected will be unknowns with no previous political pedigree, and little to say about anything other than to cheer on or boo the idea that the UK should leave or remain members of the EU. A complete and utter yawn festival par excellence!

Quite honestly, such an election that argues the rights and wrongs of itself will achieve nothing more than disappearing up its own arse, which hopefully it will do sooner rather than later, so as to save us from having to tolerate it for too long.🔷

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