Charlie Mullins on why he thinks Theresa May must now go and give way to a caretaker Prime Minister to fix Brexit with a People’s Vote.

I don’t really know what more to say except I find myself for the first time in history agreeing with the ERG that Theresa May must go if we are to have any chance of unpicking the Brexit debacle.

Clearly, those hard-Brexit head-bangers are upset that we won’t crash into the blackest of Friday’s tonight with a no-deal disaster, but they are right in their assertion that we cannot get out of the loop we’re stuck in without a change at the top.

Theresa May has had almost three years to sort out the UK orderly departure from the EU, and she has completely failed. We are no closer to agreeing a deal with the EU than we were at the beginning of the process.

And now, after her latest humiliation of having to beg for more time, and being awarded six months until October 31 to get our house in order, Mrs May must admit she hasn’t got the answers and fall on her sword.

She has successfully managed to kick the can further and further down the road, but it’s a tired trick, and the entire country have now realised that the tactic does nothing to solve the actual problem, and only succeeds in keeping Mrs May in office.

I would hope Mrs May would, by now, understand what needs to be done and resign, but I fear she will need to be extracted behind the scenes, by whatever party mechanism or arguments her MPs or parliament can muster.

We don’t need a General Election, but we do need a caretaker PM for 6 months to get things sorted out, preferably by some version of a People’s Vote.  For me, Philip Hammond is the man to take us to the next stage, and then we need someone to bring the country back together.🔷

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